The Perfect Daughter (2016) Full Movie Dvd

The Perfect Daughter    26 Mar 2016

TV-14 90 min DramaHD Movies

IMDB: 6.5/10 18 votes

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The previous evening’s Lifetime film The Perfect Daughter was shockingly strong and downplayed in spots, regardless of what the promos had me accept. I for the most part just felt truly awful for the father of the main daughter, who was simply doing as well as could be expected and received a mess of crap consequently.

The daughter I’m discussing is Natalie, a straight-A secondary school understudy who peruses ahead for her classes and wins the school decision for treasurer. She’s the cliché Lifetime motion picture great young lady, so it won’t be long until she turns sour.

A matter of hours, actually. She’s welcome to the school hockey game by recently chose class president Sam, a rich kid who simply said a final farewell to his disagreeable sweetheart. After the diversion Natalie goes to his home to hang out. When her father lifts her up, she’s completely shelled and talking back to him. What the heck, a couple of hours back she was a beam of perfect, dependable daylight!

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